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3-month Intro Special
Get started on your CrossFit journey!

With this deal, you're going to commit to three months of our CrossFit program and you're going to see results. Each month bills at $214.99. This is an unlimited membership allowing you to attend all of our programs, including CrossFit WODs, SweatRiver, Open Gym and Yoga.

After 3 months, this membership will renew at a no-commitment rate of $239.99/month unless you elect a lower rate with commitment or cancel your membership. You must cancel 30 days before your next billing cycle date.
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: EXTRA, Foundations, Open Gym, SweatRiver, WOD, Yoga
LocationsCrossFit East River
Beast River: Beast Mode - Nutrition
We are teaming up with Macros, Muscles & Mindset to bring you a 12-week nutrition program designed to support and educate you on improving performance and creating a sustainable lifestyle. You'll not only learn about how to eat for training, improved energy and better body composition - you'll learn techniques to help you gain a mental edge on improving your WODs.

Limited spots available - sign up now!

**Please select 11/12 (Nov. 12) as your start date**

$160/month (+ tax); 3-month commitment (12 weeks)
Start date: November 12
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: EXTRA
LocationsCrossFit East River
Attend as many CrossFit sessions (WODs) in one month as you like, including specialty classes such as Yoga and SweatRiver.
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: EXTRA, Open Gym, SweatRiver, WOD, Yoga
LocationsCrossFit East River
From $214.99